Langur Project Penang

An citizen science driven outreach research project on the ecology, behaviour & road ecology of Dusky Langurs (Trachypithecus obscurus) for the development of a sustainable langur conservation in Penang.

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A study on the ecology, behaviour, and road ecology of Dusky Langurs. Check out the past volunteer and interns share about their experiences as a dusky!

Environmental Education

We believe that co-existence between people and wildlife can be established through environmental education. Get to know more about our outreach program and public engagements.


Forest fragmentation is one major problem leading to the population decline of the arboreal dusky langur. Find out more about the urban canopy bridge as solution to reduce wildlife roadkill incidents.

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Thank you to our friends from Australia! 10319.8km completed & AUD3009 raised for LPP!

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We have another climate issue on our plate

by Dusky Rachel written during Recovery Movement Control Order 2020 As government restrictions began to gradually lighten, I’d leave my house for an hour or two for my ‘weekly fresh air’; some time away from being cooped up in my tiny apartment. Nowadays, I find myself people-watching more often than ever. Perhaps I had missed…

An observation about gender from Dusky Langurs

by Dusky Jieh Long Ah Pah is an alpha male who takes care of his family. He is especially fond of Xiao Pah, one of his many children who got his look from his father. They do almost everything together. For instance, Ah Pah and Xiao Pah take turns grooming each other every day as…

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