Langur Project Penang

A citizen science-driven outreach and conservation project focusing on the ecology, behaviour, and road ecology of Dusky Langurs (Trachypithecus obscurus), with the aim of encouraging coexistence between humans and urban wildlife in this shared space of ours.

-What We Do-


A long-term study and monitoring of the ecology, behaviour, and road ecology of Dusky Langurs.

Environmental Education

Our outreach program and public engagements aim to promote the co-existence of people and wildlife through environmental education. Connect with us to learn more about how we achieve this goal.


The fragmentation of forests is a significant factor contributing to the declining population of arboreal dusky langurs. To address this problem and reduce wildlife roadkill incidents, we have installed Malaysia’s first road canopy bridge.

Mission Statement:

To serve as a platform for students and the local community, where LPP leads towards promoting coexistence between humans and wildlife through citizen science-based field research, conservation (road canopy bridge), environmental education, and capacity building.

The ‘Bridge To Coexist’ Project

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The Purple Vision Milk

This Plant-based Milk is the storehouse of antioxidants!

For every Purple Vision Milk sold through Biogreen, 3% will be donated to Langurs Project Penang to help conserve the endangered Dusky Langurs.

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“Every dusky is special.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you – LPP’s first Dusky Doll!🐵

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A Children Picture Book

On Jo Leen Yap’s journey to becoming a primate conservationist.
Illustrated by Ammi Leong Yoke Mee

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Fun Facts about the Dusky Langur


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