Threats & Conservation

Can we co-exist?
Is it possible in the future where us human can accept urban wildlife as part of our concrete jungle environment?

Langurs’ natural habitat has becoming limited due to not only deforestation but forest fragmentation too. The lack of food, shelter and territories encourage the dusky langurs and other wildlife to venture out their safe zone to human settlement areas to forage and activity. Though they have to risk their life to move from fragmented patches to human residential areas with the possibility of road kill and human-caused incidents, but to survive they must keep on moving.

The decreasing population of the dusky langurs strengthens our belief that there is much work to be done, words to be spread and awareness to be sown to the public. In the midst of rapid urban development, each and everyone of us actually have a role to play as a responsible citizen.

Illegal Pet Trade

Contact PERHILITAN hotline at 1-800- 88-5151

Roadkill Incidents

Human-Primate Interface

LPP stands for giving a voice to the voiceless natural inhabitants of Penang.

Jo Leen yap, 2017

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