Dusky Langurs around your neighbourhood?

We are all aware of the arising negative human-primate interaction cases in recent years due to urbanization and habitat fragmentation.

As the forest is fragmented into smaller patches, the monkeys are coping daily with road crossing, cable wire moving, and roaming around forest edges close to the human settlement area.

Here are some tips for everyone if you encounter Dusky Langurs around your housing areas.

Graphic by Isaac Lai.

Feel free to download the above infographic to circulate among your family and friends.
Bahasa and Mandarin versions available below.

If you happen to encounter Dusky Langurs around your neighbourhood, please contribute your sighting data as a part of our citizen science project here.

Together, we can learn how to co-exist with the Dusky Langurs around us.

Versi Bahasa Melayu