Story of Twinkle

by Dusky Jo Leen & Min Yu

“Would you keep a baby monkey as pet? …. Think again.”

(Mandarin translation of the article is below, 中文翻譯以下)

“Hi, I am a baby langur, once lived happily with my family of 13. I was born in August 2018, where my parents and siblings all gathered together to celebrate my arrival. I love my mom so much, I can’t live without her.

My mom used to tell me stories about how human cutting down trees and made us to live in degraded habitat, which sometimes dad had to bring us to roadside and parks for foraging.

One early evening, my family and I were having a nap on our usual tree. All of a sudden I heard loud ‘BANG’ close to me. The next moment which I can remember was my mom lying next to me, unconscious, while I tried so hard to scream, a big human being carried me away from my family.

I was in captivity. There were a few baby langurs with me too. I saw owls, leopard cats, and other kinds of baby monkeys with me. Where were I? I wondered. I never knew…

I struggled through the next few days, without proper food, where the human fed me with weird food which I cannot digest. Then one day, they took me away and passed me to a beautiful lady.

She hugged me so tight. At that moment I thought I will be in safe hands, she will be my second mother…

The lady called me Twinkle. She dressed me up, fed me human food, but the milk tasted weird, which made me uncomfortable… but I cannot speak, I can only call. Unfortunately, the lady doesn’t understand me. She thought I was being naughty, she started to neglect me after a few weeks.

Day by day I was so alone. I missed the forest, the birds chirping, where my mom and siblings took me to play in the foliage.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I was so weak, I had no freedom, no friends, with only inappropriate care from the human. I wanted to go home – the forest.

The forest will always be in my memory. As I took my last few moments of breath, I look into the lady’s eyes… How I hope she would understand that we wildlife are not pets, we belong in our natural habitat, and it is cruel to keep us as pets.

Please, speak for me. If there is no demand for my kind as primate pets, there will not be a supply in illegal primate pet trade. Protect us, not hurting us. Thank you.”

– A dusky langur baby
18 November 2018

This is based on a true story
Baby Dusky Langurs are being caught from the wild to sell as exotic pets 宝宝叶猴被捕猎成为非法野生动物宠物的对象







那位女士把我取名为小星星。帮我穿上漂亮的衣服,喂我人类的食物,可是那奶味感觉好奇怪,喝下去後我感觉好难受… 我想告诉她可是我不能说话,我只能呼叫。可是很不庆幸的,她听不懂。她开始觉得我变得调皮了,几个星期後就把我忽略了。



森林里美好的点点滴滴会一直留著我记忆里。当我剩下最後一口气的时候,我看著那女士的眼睛… 好希望她会明白我们野生动物不是宠物,我们是属於大自然的,把我们从我们家人身边抢过来当做宠物是很残忍的。


  • 眼镜食叶猴宝宝

Above slideshow shows various wildlife, including primates are being sold illegally on social media. 许多野生动物被非法捕猎和在社交平台买卖。

“Stop the Demand, Stop the Trade. 停止需求, 停止非法野生动物供应和贸易.”

#PrimatesAreNotPets #灵长类动物并非宠物
This is where baby Dusky Langurs belong, the Forest
这是眼镜食叶猴宝宝们应该居住的地方- 雨林

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