Jo Leen’s Research (PhD)

LPP started with Jo Leen’s Master (MSc) and currently PhD research. The title of Jo Leen’s thesis is ‘Ecology, behaviour and road ecology of Dusky Langurs (Trachypithecus obscurus), to develop a sustainable langur conservation plan in Penang, Malaysia.’ this study started from habituating and following the langur study troops consistently, collecting data on their activities, diet, home range and habitat quality. This information enables us to compare the impact of anthropogenic environment toward the movement and behaviour of Dusky Langurs in Penang, then coming out with conservation initiatives to mitigate the impact of human-altered landscape habitat. 

Amelia’s Research (MSc)

Amelia joined LPP in 2018 to undertake her research as a Master’s student from the University of Western Australia in collaboration with Universiti Sains Malaysia.  Her thesis examines the shared infant care duties between Dusky Langur troop members. By following and observing the habituated study troop over seven months, Amelia collected behavioural data with a focus on interactions between infants and the rest of the troop, as well as general troop activity. Amelia is now back in Australia to complete her thesis.

Final Year Project (FYP)
for Undergraduate Students

Final year undergraduate students of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) are being affiliated with LPP for their Final Year Project (FYP) research. The students are able to pick up the methodology of field sampling through the platform by LPP, hence assisting Jo Leen in completing her PhD data collection and to continue the long-term monitoring of the langurs. Up to date, our FYP students have done their short-term research on the activities and ecology of the langurs in Penang Botanical Gardens, Youth Park, Cherok Tokun and Teluk Bahang.

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