Hi, I am Zi Hao!

by Dusky Zi Hao

Here is the story of …

why i joined LPP.

Hi, my name is Zi Hao but everyone calls me Zi. I joined Langur Project Penang (LPP) on August 17, 2019, and I have not regretted this decision ever since.

I believe my calling in life is to save wildlife and thought I was alone in this. Fortunately, joining LPP convinced me otherwise. It opened my eyes to the world of wildlife conservation, the volunteer work, and the duty of a citizen scientist.

If you have not heard of it as I did, a citizen scientist emphasizes public participation in collecting data for scientific research. Needless to say, I chose it as my career because it brings me joy knowing my work makes a difference for the wildlife. The behavioral data collected on Dusky Leaf Monkeys allows us to understand them and the ecology better. Furthermore, we are able to engage the public and promote wildlife conservation better by sharing more interesting information about our wildlife.

This is me, with Sazali, working on vegetation plot sampling in the Dusky Langurs’ Habitat.

In retrospect, I’m glad that I took this opportunity to join LPP. It has enabled me to befriend like-minded people whom we can exchange knowledge and support each other in our unified goal of conserving wildlife. All of us called ourselves Dusky and being with the Duskies gave me a much-needed confidence boost that I, too, am capable of achieving my goal as they did.

I have met so many wonderful individuals of various backgrounds.

I hope I have made my family and friends proud and that, one day, I could inspire them to be a part of a greater effort to make Penang a better place for everyone including wildlife too. 

One challenge that I aim to overcome now is getting myself fit enough for the job as maneuvering across uncharted forest trails while doing vegetation plotting can be physically demanding. I am not worried though. As I said, I have my Duskies behind my back. 

This is a typical day in the field. Where Zher Yee and myself, venturing through the thick vegetation in the forest.

Signing off,

Zi Hao.

* LPP is always on the lookout for passionate individuals like Zi Hao to join us as part of the primate conservation family! If you are keen in assisting us in research, conservation and/or environmental education, please visit the link below:


Together, we can do so much for our wildlife residents!

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