Dusky Soap

Handmade with Natural Ingredients

Dusky Soap is made by To Thee•Gift with all natural ingredients. It is gentle on the skin, suitable for face and body.

50% of profits will be channeled towards Langur Project Penang’s cause for environmental education and awareness.

A set of two 100g soaps for RM30 (2pcs).
Choose either fig extract or hibiscus extract or a mix of both.

Free delivery across Peninsular Malaysia!

The grey-white colours from added activated charcoal symbolise the dark grey fur and white eye-mouth patches of the dusky langur

The fig and hibiscus extracts represent part of the dusky langur’s food plants. Packed with antioxidants for healthy skin, no wonder the langurs love them!

To Thee •Gift aims to curate products with minimal to zero waste!

Check out their website: https://totheegift.com/