Learning alongside the Dusky Langurs!

A fun education E-worksheet for all ages to learn about dusky langurs and the importance of habitat connectivity & ‘Primates are not Pets’. Developed by Dusky Jieh Long Koh.


We are always hoping to create a family activity worksheet collection that enables parents and kids to carry out educational exercises together.

Hence, the birth of “Dusky Langur Worksheets”, where a family can work together to complete the puzzles and colouring quests in this E-worksheet..

You can download the seven-pages worksheet through the green button below, print out the E-copy and enjoy the process with your little ones.

If you are happy with the worksheet and would like to support us to further produce a complete version in hard copy and E copy, please consider donating to us to carry out this environmental education effort.

Highlights from the worksheet:

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