“A Friend of Dusky Langur”

A Children Picture Book about Primate Conservation

“A Friend of Dusky Langur”

Following the footsteps of Jo Leen Yap, the founder and director of Langur Project Penang (LPP)! She spent approximately six years studying the life of an endangered primate species, dusky langurs (Trachypithecus obscurus), in the forest of Penang, Malaysia.

See how Jo Leen and her team work against all odds in establishing the 1st urban canopy bridge in Malaysia to assist the dusky langurs and other arboreal wildlife to cross road safely.

This children’s book is about passion and perseverance. The qualities of Jo Leen and her team members demonstrated that every individual could indeed create a positive impact for wildlife conservation in our homeland, Malaysia.

Book languages: English & Mandarin

Price: RM40/book

Delivery: RM10 for 5 books and below; RM20 for 6 books and above

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Ammi Leong, an independent freelance children’s book illustrator, joined forces with Jo Leen and her team of Langur Project Penang in voicing out for the dusky langurs and wildlife residents in Penang. Hence Ammi followed Jo Leen into the forest to learn about the lives of the dusky langurs and spent months illustrating the hard work of Jo Leen in pushing for the canopy bridge initiative in Malaysia. A portion from this book sale profit will be donated to Langur Project Penang (LPP) for dusky langur research, conservation, and education work.

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