The Coexist Dusky Top!

Let’s Bridge to Coexist

Langur Project Penang (2021)

Dusky Langur’s favourite tree to rest – The Ketapang (Terminalia catappa).

“Let’s Bridge to Coexist”

A female dusky langur carrying her orange infant, sitting on a firehose canopy bridge, installed by Langur Project Penang & APE Malaysia.

Look at the back of the shirt – where the dusky langurs are sitting on a beautiful Ketapang tree, with colourful leaves.

Habitat connectivity (trees & safe corridors) is crucial for species survival. Let us all Bridge to Coexist!

Grab em’ Fast!

The T-shirt sizes are available from Size S to L.

Material: Dri-fit.

Colour: White only, full sublimation printing.

The price is RM 50 per T-shirt.

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West Malaysia: RM10 for 4 shirts and below; RM15 for 5 – 8 shirts

East Malaysia: RM14 for 4 shirts and below; RM18 for 5 – 8 shirts

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~~ Graphic illustrated by our talented volunteer – Jieh Long ~~

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